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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Around the ridges of Chonglian

From Kamanvatin: the fields of Chakkang and Litangfan.

Ascending to the left at mid-bottom is the disused mountain road turnoff to Pokis and Fa-ang. In the middle to right of picture is the road to Payeo. Beyond to Dongyowan and Lubo in the background is the Albago Highway with the Sagada-Besao road ascending at top-right.
Payeo in the back, and Roundtop Mountain in the foreground-right.

Mt Pokis and Arak cliff from the Likayan Road.



Upstream of Balitian River between Payeo/Nabas-ang and Chonglian.

Chonglian to Cheyjey.

The thick jungles of Cheyjey.

Jungle forest food.

 Strawberry fields forever.

Somewhere over the rainbow is Chonglian.

 Can you see the forest for the trees?
 How about the kwikok eagles?

Ricefields of Nabas-ang.

Ricefields of Sacasacan.

Ricefields of Fa-ang (Maligcong).

Ricefields of Litangfan (Guina-ang).

Ricefields of Chonglian (Mainit).

Looking at Likayan (Dalican) from Fato (Rocky Top Mountain).

Rocky Top Mountain in Maligcong-Guina-ang.

Looking at the pristine airfield on Lukfufan and Fal-ling. Tabfoy is out of sight at left. This is somewhere between Fa-ang and Nakalu-kalut in Churya-a.

Maligcong from Rocky Top.

Litangfan at left and Chonglian at right.

Rainbow over Chonglian from Lobfangan.

Zooming in on Sadanga and Sacasacan from Cheyjey.

Churya-a and Kidla-a from Pokis.

Dakiltepan (Dapdapanan Killong Tetep-an Antadao) from the Likayan saddle.

Favarey Chonglian


Somewhere in Sacasacan is a hidden lake.


Chonglian and Litangfan

Maligcong ricefields.
But now you know there's more to the highlands than this...